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Mission Statement

DEALLASERSPRO Technologies aims to provide the highest quality photonics products backed by the best customer service in the industry.


Company History

Back in 2002, DEALLASERSPRO started as a supplier of laser equipment to the hobbyist and educational market in China mainland. Based in Shanghai, we had the best insight and connection with all major laser manufacturers, our lab at suburb Shanghai started to cooperate and work with a number of factories, with our unique design and technology, our products earned extensive welcome inland. As the demand grow even more rapidly at overseas market, in 2008, we incorporated with a few German engineers and started to operate both in Shanghai and in Germany. Our comprehensive product selection now features not only presentation green laser pointers and portable lasers but also our laser sights, hunting gears, VFL, laser alignment, laser module systems for a wide scope of scientific, industrial and OEM applications and a complete selection of laser accessories including laser safety equipment.

DEALLASERSPRO, rooted in China, aims to bring the best product/quality ratios for all laser users. We know the market so well that we can confidently say almost all Laser Pointers, Laser Sights, Modules, & Laser Projects supplied to the western world, no matter buys directly from China or from buyer's domestic dealers, they are in fact almost all made in China. Aiming to cut all these middlemen and bring the best prices to overseas users, we started this B-C website and introduce selected products from China’s several worlds’ first class laser manufacturers. Their products are well-known worldwide because they’ve either working for long as OEM with some really good names or with suppliers like us who know the market & the products well.

The market in China is so wide that you could find laser products at all price range and totally different qualities, some would even look the same on pictures but preforming / feels totally different on hand. It is very difficult for an overseas buyer to determine which one is exactly what they want. DEALLASERSPRO does just the thing to bring in the best deals for all those who prefers to select through internet. With our incorporated German engineers, we understand quality and confident in our selections.

The price-quality ratio as well as the immediate availability of our products is of utmost importance to us. Our products are of superior quality at a very high technical level.  Furthermore our Laser Pointers and Laser Projectors have passed all security standards including the CE, CCC, RoHS and GS certificates.


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